Content Licensing and Permissions Guidelines

Content Licensing

Nemours licenses its KidsHealth® content to partners around the world including health care providers, corporations, agencies, foundations, insurers, payers, and other groups interested in developing educational programs to support children’s health. Partnerships allow full use and integration of the content (articles, videos, patient instructions, etc.) into the partner’s website, clinical operations, marketing, and social media campaigns.

Nemours also develops custom solutions specific to conditions, treatments, and other clinical uses. Learn more about our content licensing and custom solutions, or contact us at

Permissions Guidelines

All content on — and other Nemours sites — is the property of The Nemours Foundation and protected by copyright.

The following guidelines apply to all KidsHealth websites, including,, KidsHealth in the Classroom, and KidsHealth en español.

Due to the large number of requests to reprint content, Nemours cannot respond promptly to all requests. We advise you read these guidelines first and contact us if your question is not answered below.

For more information about our Permissions Guidelines, please click on the links below:

Linking to KidsHealth Websites

You are permitted to link to any KidsHealth website — at no cost — provided a direct link is established that takes the visitor to the KidsHealth servers. Hyperlinks to a KidsHealth article or section may use the article or section title, your own description, or a KidsHealth from Nemours linking graphic as provided below.

Copying and pasting the KidsHealth content to your site or framing it in any way is prohibited.

KidsHealth from Nemours linking graphics:

Reciprocal Linking: Nemours does not participate in reciprocal linking programs nor link exchanges with other websites.

Reprinting KidsHealth Content Offline (in Print)

Nemours grants limited permission to reprint articles offline (e.g., printed handouts). Organizations do not need written permission, provided all of the following guidelines are met:

  1. Provide Proper Credit to KidsHealth from Nemours. If you are reprinting KidsHealth content within a print publication, the following credit line must be included:

    Information provided by from Nemours Children’s Health. © 1995-2021. The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted following guidelines.

  2. Do Not Edit the Article. Nemours asks that the full article be reprinted, when feasible. If you are only interested in excerpting a section of an article, Nemours will allow this when a link to the full article is included at the end of the excerpt.

    Please note, whether reprinting the content in full or excerpting a section, the content may not be changed nor edited.

  3. Use the Printer-Friendly Version for Handouts. Nemours allows articles to be printed and used as handouts, provided they are distributed at no charge to the recipients. There is no limit to the number of copies that may be printed. Please use the "printer-friendly" version for the article, which is accessible from the link at the bottom of each article.

  4. Do Not Charge a Fee for Access to KidsHealth Content. Nemours does not permit the use of its content in an offline, fee-based scenario unless that content is being used under license (see content licensing opportunities). For publications interested in using a KidsHealth article in print for an educational textbook, subscription-based magazine, etc., please contact

  5. Use of KidsHealth Content Is Limited. Your use of KidsHealth content is limited to reprinting no more than 10 articles. If you wish to provide your readers with regular access to KidsHealth content — such as a recurring KidsHealth column, feature, or section — we encourage you to contact to discuss licensing options.

Using Images From KidsHealth Websites

Nemours creates and owns the majority of images found on the KidsHealth websites. Organizations interested in reprinting an image should email the image, link, and intended use of the image to If Nemours is the copyright holder and permission is granted, the following information must be published below the image:

Information provided by from Nemours Children’s Health. © 1995-2021. The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted following guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in Nemours’ award-winning, KidsHealth content. We appreciate your efforts to support children’s health.