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Using KidsHealth in School Reports

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KidsHealth.org loves teachers and students! We hear from them a lot.

One of the most common questions from students is: "When I'm doing a report, how should I list KidsHealth in my resources or bibliography?"

Use KidsHealth.org as the Author's Name

Most formats use an author's name. At KidsHealth.org, we don't list authors' names, so you can just write "KidsHealth.org" instead of a name.

Remember to give this information from any KidsHealth article you want to list:

  • KidsHealth.org (website name)
  • date reviewed, which is listed at the bottom (month and year when it was reviewed by an expert)
  • title of the article (for example, "Learning About Allergies")
  • date you read it (the month/day/year)
  • website URL (this is what's in the web browser bar, which starts http://...)

For example, if you wanted to list the KidsHealth article Learning About Allergies, you could put it in your sources like this:

KidsHealth.org, February 2012, Learning About Allergies, April 2, 2014, /kid/health_problems/allergiesimmune/

Always Ask the Teacher!

Your teacher may have another format that he or she prefers. Be sure to ask so you get it right!

And remember to follow the rules about not cutting and pasting (using exactly what you see on the Internet in your report without using quotation marks and citing the source). That's called plagiarism and it can get you in trouble!