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Cancer Center

A boy with cancer hangs out with his friends


Cancer isn't like flu or colds. You can't catch it from someone who has it. And most kids with cancer get better after treatment. So go ahead and hang out with your friends (online or in person when you can) and family. This page has more about cancer and some of the things doctors do to take care of it.

  • Cancer: The Basics

    Learn what cancer really is and — just as important — what cancer is not.

  • Cancer Treatment

    Chemotherapy is a kind of treatment that lots of kids with cancer get.

    Learn how it works

  • Tests for Cancer

    Tests help doctors find out more about cancer. Here are 3 tests kids might get.

    Blood tests

    MRI scans and CAT scans

Living With Cancer: Franklen's Story

Be a Good Friend

Everyone knows that doctors are important when a kid has cancer. But friends are really important, too. There's a lot you can do to help a friend who has cancer. Being sick might make your friend feel alone, especially if they are in the hospital or missing a lot of school. The most important thing you can do is visit and stay in touch.

Get more advice

No matter how we feel — good or bad — it's healthy to put our feelings into words. Talking about feelings helps us feel close to people who care. It helps us feel better when we're sad or scared.

Here's how